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The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Faculty of Medicine    

Certificate Programme in Professional Medical Communication
A 3-week Journey for Undergraduates to
Master English Communication in the Medical Context


Do You Know Communication is the Driver of Success in Modern Medicine ? 

Acquire universal communication skills to embrace the irresistible trend of global medicine. Boost your confidence in effectively communicating with anyone anywhere, both in your practice and in your research. No matter who you are dealing with, be it colleagues, patients, collaborators or investors, know how to accurately convey your thoughts and impress your audience. 

Our programme opens up a world of opportunities and allows you to meet people, establish network, build skills and enhance your future employability. 





Pave your road to success, equip yourself to stand out from the crowd with these technical and soft skills :

Communication and

Presentation Tactics

Polish your interpersonal and team communication skills to be confident in any situation… possibly a medical training overseas?

  • Identify your personal
    communication style

  • Develop networking and team communication skills



Improve your ability in dealing with all types of patients from different background… possibly with expatriates in your home country?

  • Conduct an effective
    patient consultation

  • Manage expectations
    and concerns



Master presentation techniques of scientific findings targeted to different audiences… possibly at a conference with foreign delegates?

  • Demonstrate professionalism in your knowledge sharing

  • Adapt your language to
    your listeners

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Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 4.30.11 PM.png

An Unforgettable Practical Experience :

Learn from the Best

Communication experts and world-leading medical academics renowned for their outstanding achievements


Network Building

Meet peers from all over the Asia-Pacific region and establish lifelong friendship


Tailored Learning

Small class teaching encourages active student participation, giving students the opportunity to put theories into practice


Top Ranked University and City

Study at one of Asia’s best faculties of medicine with its British-based medical system and experience the vibrant East meets West culture of Hong Kong

“I think this course is especially suitable for clinical students in countries where they don’t use English as their first language. Nowadays, we need to connect with the world, in clinics and research, and we need to use English. I learned a lot of words and terminology in English and I can use them to communicate with doctors all over the world; this is most beneficial for medical students and young doctors”

Tony Wong, Undergraduate student, Ningbo University, Summer 2018


Send you enquiries to Ms Kathy Chan at

Enrich Your Education with an Overseas Experience that Opens Up Choices for Your Future Career
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