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A Unique  Programme 

Our 3 week programme offers medical students the chance to develop their communication skills in an English-primed environment, alongside fellows from all over the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to acquiring effective communication skills in the English language and culture, a focus is put on honing scientific presentation skills and patient consultation skills in the clinical setting.

Principles Of

Medical Communication

Communication in the practice of medicine requires specific professional skills. It is an essential yet often neglected topic in medical school education. From patient consultation to interaction with collaborators to scientific presentation, develop the language skills particular to the field.

Communication and

Presentation Tactics

Being able to communicate clearly and effectively is vital in many of our daily activities. From face-to-face personal communication to team meetings, make use of verbal and nonverbal communication skills to engage different audience in different context with different medium.



Interacting with patients in the clinical setting follows consultation models that differ depending on background and culture. Acquisition of interviewing and listening skills in English not only facilitates interaction with international patients and colleagues, but also prepares you for future training overseas.



By working together with medical student mentors in CUHK as well as students from different background and cultures, get acquainted with different point of views, broaden your horizons and develop

long-lasting friendships.




Sharing scientific knowledge with the public, the media and the medical community all require different sets of skills. The mastering of different presentation techniques is essential in preparation for future international conferences, media interviews and other career developments.

Timetable of 2019
Course Formats


Interactive Tutorials


Small class lecture with group discussions allowing each student to participate in the process




Play-acting of clinical scenarios to solve real-life clinical problems


 Group  Projects


Close peer interaction to emphasis collaboration and exchange of ideas




Build confidence through practice and constructive feedback

Social Programme
Social Programme

Welcome and Networking Dinner

​Hosted by the Directors of the programme, meet our faculties and other fellow students to break the ice and kick start your 3-week journey


Get to Know CUHK

A tour around our beautiful campus and its landmarks for a glimpse of life as a student at CUHK

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